Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Creation
The Band 'Invented the Wheel' was formed not merely by chance in mid April 2011. Grouped together from a select group they complement each others' talents and abilities. With a slightly higher male to female ratio they are able to have the man power to hunt game while the females are able to tend nurture and tend to the little ones as well as begin the agricultural side of the community as the males typically are out hunting. Our Elder and mentor paired the 5 of us together relying on her wisdom and experience knowing how we would complement each other to compensate for each others weaknesses and support each others strengths. The current band, Invented the wheel, has five members: Chris, Josh, Keona, Ephraim, and Elka. They begin their journey as a band and unite together to eventually grow to a stronger family unit with increasing bonds and ties between them in order to increase their chances of survival.