Monday, May 23, 2011

Planting Crops
This was the first time in a few weeks that we went to the farm. The first thing that we noticed that the dirt was dry and it looked like it would be hard to grow food in it. We then saw that our flowers had grown a little but there was much more weeds than flowers. So, we divided the large amount of work that needed to be done. Keona weeded the flowerbed in order for more plants to grow.
Invented the wheel began clearing the land working tediously when our Elder approached us and rebuked us for not digging deep enough. Without the wisdom of our Elders we would not have dug deep enough and our crops would not have taken root and simply would have died off, how lucky we are to share in their wisdom.  After digging deeper we understood the soil needed to be loose. We remembered back to scavenging the sweet potatoes that they were planted in raised soil, we did the same. We broke the ground hard with literal blood, sweat, and maybe some tears. We raked the loose soil into a neat straight row easy to see and distinguish between the weeds around it, knowing the loose soil will allow our crops to take root. After clearing the land with the garden metal hoe, which was much easier than doing it by hand, we broke the soil and began to plant in hopes of reaping the benefits.
We know we are not alone as our band is surrounding by competing bands. We did not collaborate with the other groups but we did receive help from them. We were watering our precious flowers and the seeds we had recently planted but our water carrier could only transport twenty ounces of water, this required us to make multiple trips to and from the watering hole. Another group had found gallon jug water carriers. After they used them for their benefit, one Wayne Christian Costales, held out his hand to offer the help noticing our lack of ability to transport water effectively. We received the help openly and a bond was created with their band. We do not know them, but they are friendly to us and our coalition could rise to be a bond and unity for the greater good of mankind. We will continue to be friendly to them knowing they offered the first hand of peace.
 We watered the plants hoping to sustain the few sprouts that managed to grow. We also used some of the water stuck inside a hollow coconut. Other than the flowers we were required to grow, we must also plant some additional plants in order for us to provide for ourselves. We chose corn and sunflower which were the easiest and fastest to grow among the seeds the elder provided us. We planted them in one row, hoping to for a bountiful harvest after a days hard work.

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